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DETECH EDS GOLD Catcher 28kHz VLF Metal Detector With 3 coils  6” and 10” closed design  coils and 12x12"SEF Pro coil
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Brand: DETECH Model: D00155-3 coils
TECHNOLOGY AND SPECIFICATIONS: Type: Very Low Frequency (VLF) Metal Detector, Technology: Extreme Depth and Sensitivity (EDS) Operating Frequency: 28 kHz. Available coils: DD 6 x 6″ (15 cm), DD 10×10″ (25 cm) & 12x12"SEF Pro coil for DETECH EDS GOLD Catcher 28kHz VLF. Weight: 1.6 kg wi..
£679.46 £598.95 Ex Tax:£598.95
DETECH Pulse Search Coil 2m x 2m Discriminating For SSP 5100 pulse induction metal detector
New -12 %
Brand: DETECH Model: D00153 - 2m x 2m discriminating
Configuration: Square Discriminating PI Coil Size: 2m x 2m Discriminating coil For SSP 5100 pulse Ribbed Housing, Specially Designed for Absorbing the Mechanical Shocks and Vibrations, Made of Special Polymer, Strengthened w..
£363.04 £319.99 Ex Tax:£319.99
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