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  Detech SSP-5100

The pulse induction kind is specifically employed to look deep into the surface for relics, gold, and treasure. The larger-sized models are employed at checkpoints that need security for firearm/weapon detection. A single coil is employed for this purpose and it transmits a magnetic field into the ground.

  • Super fast tuning to the ground
  • Bigger display with higher definition, with more precise graphics
  • More sensitive, better detection depth
  • More functions, but extremely intuitive and easy for operation
  • The microprocessor tracks and controls all functions
Brand: DETECH Model: D00153
TECHNOLOGY AND SPECIFICATIONS: PULSE INDUCTION DETECTOR (PI) Metal Detector, Technology: Extreme Depth and Sensitivity (EDS) Operating Frequency: 0.1 kHz. Available coils: 1m x 1m Square Discriminating coil. Weight: 2.4 kg with batteries. Batteries: Accumulator, 1800 mAh, NiMHFEATURES: Bigger displa..
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