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Ultra Sensing Mono search coil closed design for Minelab GP, GPX, SD metal detectors

This Detech Monoloop Closed Design Search Coil is for use with the Minelab GPX, GP, SD Series Gold Detectors. MONO coil has proven to be one of the very best search coils for locating gold nuggets not only in the new undetected ground but gold has been found in many areas that have been searched with detectors and said to have no more gold to find. MONO type search coils and larger size SEF coils have become the coils of choice for most professional and serious gold hunters throughout the world. Better sensitivity, more accurate, able to locate both large and small gold nuggets that other coils miss. Able to work quietly on varying ground. By upgrading to this coil you will achieve the best depth and most accurate pinpointing. Compared to traditional DD coils, the patented Monoloop Closed Design Search Coil technology provides you with more stable operation, better ground balancing and the most accurate target identification. The search coil cover is included.

These Monoloop Closed Design Search Coils are made with a wide range of sizes:

6" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

8" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

11" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

12,5" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

14" coil MONOLOOP  for SD/GPX

18" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

11x6" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX

15x12" coil MONOLOOP for Minelab SD/GPX  

DETECH 8″ Monoloop closed design coil for Minelab GPX, GP, SD and White’s TDI/TDI Pro/TDI SL Series Metal Detectors With Coil Cover Protector Included
Brand: DETECH Model: D00105
Configuration: Monoloop (Closed design) Size: 8" Coil weight is approx. 560 g. Waterproof. Ribbed Housing, Specially Designed for Absorbing the Mechanical Shocks and Vibrations, Made of Special Poly..
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