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DETECH 4.5" DD Search Coil For Whites DFX, MXT, M6 Metal Detectors

DETECH 4.5" DD Search Coil For Whites DFX, MXT, M6 Metal Detectors
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    TECHNOLOGY AND SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 4,5", Weight approx. 400 g. Search Coil Type‎: DD /‎Double D; Coil shape: Round (Closed Design). Coil cover is included.

    COMPATIBLE WITH: This Detech Search Coil is compatible with Whites DFX, MXT, M6 metal detectors. By upgrading to this coil you will achieve the best depth and most accurate pinpointing.

    FEATURES: Better ground balance, sensitivity and pinpointing. More stable operation, accurate target identification, stable ground, and better overall field performance. Ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing mechanical shocks and vibrations. Made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibers, injection-molded with very high pressure. The coil is Waterproof with Maximum UV Protection.

    INTENDED USE: Metal Detecting, Relic Hunting, Ancient Coins, Jewelry, Artifacts, Gold & All Metals.

    WARRANTY: This professional metal detecting equipment comes with 2 YEARS Warranty from the date of purchase.     

    Detech 4.5" Excelerator DD Search Coil for Metal Detectors  Whites DFX/ MXT/ And M6. The Detech 4.5 " search coil is designed to work in heavily grassed areas, has excellent sensitivity to small targets and performs well when working on unevenness when maneuvering with a metal detector between obstacles. Coil increased depth and speed of search. The advantage is the accuracy of discrimination "color" signals. Search on highly mineralized soil without loss of depth. All Detech search coils are produced using the highest quality materials and most advanced manufacturing techniques. The coil is filled with the latest lightweight resins strengthened with glass fibers and a chopped strand material for the best in shock resistance. The materials are "transparent" to the electromagnetic waves and provide perfect shielding. The coils are UV and waterproof and operate in a wide temperature range. This coil comes standard with coil cover.


    ·        Very stable operation.

    ·        Better Sensitivity.

    ·        More accurate target identification.

    ·        More stable ground and better overall field performance.

    ·        Ribbed housing, specially designed for absorbing the mechanical shocks and vibrations.

    ·        Made of special polymer, strengthened with glass fibers, injection molded with very high pressure.

    ·        Maximum UV protection. 


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