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12,5″ DD

One of the first "Increased Size" search coils, the 12.5" has generally resulted in adding 25% to 40% more depth versus a standard factory search coil. The 12.5"  search coil does not stop at 25% increased depth compared with the standard factory search coils. Use the 12.5" DD to recover even the smallest and thinest coins which are difficult if not impossible for other coils to locate. Not only have field tests shown an increased sensitivity to smaller, deeper items but more good targets were found with more frequency even in areas that have been thoroughly searched with many different detectors.

Brand: DETECH Model: D00104
This Detech 12,5″ DD closed design coil is for use with the Minelab GPX,GP, SD Series Metal Detectors. The Detech 12.5" DD is a classic size search coil. It's very stable and has an excellent discrimination. No false signals and it's able to work in difficult soils and able to locate small o..
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