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10" DD

With a diameter of only 10 inches this coil will work effectively in higher mineral grounds where standard concentric search coils loose some of their depth potential. Only slightly bigger than the supplied factory 9.5" coil. If you are looking for more depth without going to a larger search coil than this is a coil you should give some serious consideration.


  Fully submersible, heavy duty shielded cable, Includes fitted coil cover. 

DETECH 10" DD Search Coil For EDS GOLD CATCHER 28 kHz
Brand: DETECH Model: D00157
TECHNOLOGY AND SPECIFICATIONS: Size: 10", Weight approx. 400 g. Search Coil Type‎: DD /‎Double D; Coil shape: Round (Closed Design). Coil cover is included. COMPATIBLE WITH: This Detech Search Coil is compatible with EDS GOLD CATCHER 28 kHz metal..
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