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Coil cover 4,5

Detech coil cover for 4.5" metal detector search coils

Those molded plastic coil cover for Detech search coils are made from strong, a form fitting high-impact plastic and long lasting material. Does not reduce detection depth! Heavy-duty construction snaps on over coil bottom. It easily snaps onto the bottom of your expensive search coil to protect it. This cover also gives added protection against cuts, slits, and excessive wear. Absorbs shocks and moist grass static. Keeps coil clean and scratch free. 

Detech Heavy-Duty Coil Cover For 4,5" Double D  Detech Search Coil
Brand: DETECH Model: D00165
 Molded plastic coil cover for 4,5" Detech coil.Heavy-duty construction, snaps on over coil bottom.Protect your metal detector search coil from scuffs and scratches in rough terrain and conditions when in use. This hard plastic cover will prevent scuffs and scratch..
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