The search coil is the most vital part of a hobby detector. It is the device attached to the control housing, which "connects" the metal detector to the ground beneath it. It contains a transmitter and a receiver, which help the detector retrieve and interpret information about a detected target.

For their making is used one of the patented technologies of the company. The housings are made from chopped-strand material and polyester resins injected with molding and vacuum thermoforming machines. Thus the housings are light and very strong. Detech is the first company in the world, applying search coil with built-in magnetic sensors in the middle sector. This allows perfect discrimination of the ferrous objects by the PI detectors. In 2006 the company releases a new, revolutionary type of coil on the market – S.E.F. (Symmetrical Electromagnetic Field) coils, known also as Butterfly coils. These search coils combine the advantages of both DD and Concentric coils.

The S.E.F. Butterfly search coils offer better ground balance, more stable operation in all conditions, even deeper in the ground, and more accurate target identification All Detech coils are made using high-quality materials. The housings are made of UV protected material. Their inner side is covered with chopped-strand material for better shock resistance. They use resins, which are “transparent” for the electromagnetic waves, and perfect shielding. The coils are water-resistant and operate in a wide temperature range. The search coils are standardly equipped with an excellently fitting cover and have two years full warranty.