Metal detecting is one of the hobbies that require paying attention even to the small details! Otherwise you may leave many valuable finds on the table. Indeed, ground condition is one of the details you need to understand before you go out digging. By doing so, you will always have the edge over those who don’t care or don’t understand which kind of soil they are stepping in.
So, What are the Best Ground Conditions for Metal Detecting? When you find a soft ground that is a little wet, not soaked, not highly mineralized, not variable or salty, not acidic, free of iron and not heavily covered with snow. Then you can consider these ground conditions as being the best for metal detecting. Indeed, Most Metal Detectors operates well under these conditions.It is very important to identify the ground conditions that could give you pretty much a hard time. So you could avoid or work around them. Then, it would be crucial to understand the techniques you need to adopt so will still get great results!
There are many types of mineralized grounds in the nature, usually it is not easy to metal detect in such soil conditions. Yet, being patient during the process may help you reap some great benefits.
There are several examples of mineralized ground:
Salty soil: sometimes called conductive soil which is one of the most popular examples. Detecting in it generally causes confusing noises caused by the fact that the needed ground balance for your detector in this case is different from the default ground balance used for regular magnetic ground.
Black sand: that you can find in locations like Alaska, Hawaii and other places in Europe is not the regular sand that you are used to. Indeed, it is a combination of magnetite and iron oxide. Under these conditions, some detectors might stop working completely as they don’t handle such high mineralized soils. Others can handle that with the right adjustments.
Close to volcano pipelines: In these places when volcano eruptions have already happened, keep in mind that you are dealing with highly mineralized ground. This location could cause the same trouble caused by black sand unless you are using specific detectors implementing the right settings.
These locations are the ones when you can come across the best finds ever. These include Gold nuggets and all kinds of gemstones such as Diamond, Peridot, Sapphire or even Garnet.