There is plenty of gold waiting to be found. Now that you know where to search, all you need is a DETECH CHASER to get started.

Treasure Hunting

When detecting for coins, relics, or jewellery, use your imagination – anywhere people are likely to have left things behind – you are likely to make good finds! Also, don’t forget the places right under your feet; you never know what you might dig up even in your own backyard. To help get you started here is a list of locations that are generally more productive for finding coins, relics or jewellery: Showgrounds and racecourses, Picnic areas, Battlefields, Camping grounds, Swimming holes, Parks, playgrounds and schoolyards, Ploughed Fields, Pastures, Woodlands, Ghost towns and ancient town sites, Old homes and public buildings, Sports grounds, Beaches, Jetties and piers

There is still plenty of treasure to be found in many interesting locations around the world. 

Gold Prospecting - The best places to detect gold nuggets are where gold has previously been found, and surrounding areas with similar geology. So again, do your research to find out about historic goldfields. Such as:

    Tailings from goldmine sites

    Old diggings, areas where prospectors dug for gold

    In or near streams where gold can be panned

    Dry-blowing locations (usually in arid areas where water was scarce)

    Old reef mine dumps and slopes